Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Meeting of South African Geotechnical Designers to discuss development of Geotechnical Codes

Date: 2 November 2017

Time: 10:00 to 15:30 (Prior to AGM)

Venue: Stones Wedding and Conference Centre


Prior to the Geotechnical Division AGM to be held at 16:00 on 2 November 2017, an important meeting will be held to discuss the drafting of a “South African Geotechnical Design Code”, a “Piling Code of Practice” and a revised/updated “Lateral Support Code of Practice”. The Geotechnical Division Committee encourages all South African geotechnical designers to attend this meeting and the AGM thereafter.

Further background to and details of the meeting are given below. Please RSVP for the meeting by the 26th of October 2017, by emailing Bethan Pharaoh at admin@verdicon.co.za. This RSVP is essential for planning and catering purposes.

Background and Purpose of Meeting

With the publication of SANS 10160-5 in 2010, South Africa brought geotechnical design in line with the limit state design approach used by structural designers since the 1980’s. However, SANS 10160-5 provides only the basis of geotechnical design and is not a design code per se. Thus, geotechnical designers need to refer to design codes such as EN1997-1 for the design of geotechnical structures. Development of a South African geotechnical design code is an urgent priority of the Geotechnical Division.

During 2017, the Geotechnical Division Committee initiated the drafting of a revision to the 1989 Lateral Support Code of Practice and of a Piling Code of Practice to replace SABS 088. The Lateral Support COP revision is headed up by Francis Legge and the Piling COP by Gavin Byrne. Both projects are still in their infancy.

Concurrently, much work has already been done on drafting of a South African Geotechnical Design Code. This project falls under the auspices of the SANS and the committee is headed up by Alan Parrock.

Both Francis Legge and Gavin Byrne have requested a high-level meeting with South African geotechnical designers to obtain input from industry in drafting the new Codes of Practice. At the same time, it is vitally important that the three documents are based on the same design approach and are compatible with each other.

As such, the Code Meeting will have a threefold purpose:

1. To agree the basis of design on which all the three codes will be drafted.

2. To obtain high-level input from geotechnical designers into the drafting of the Piling COP and updating the Lateral Support COP. Input into the development of the Geotechnical Design Code would also be welcomed.

3. To provide a platform where all three documents can be discussed to ensure uniformity in design approach, harmonisation of the three standards and compatibility with design methods use by structural designers.

Lunch will be provided, with tea at 15:30 and the GeoDiv AGM following thereafter at 16:00.

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