Thursday, 16 January 2014

12th Jennings Memorial Lecture

GeoCharacterization of Piedmont Residua by In-Situ Tests

Presented by Professor Paul Mayne.


Dates and Venues:

Cape Town: 4th Feb 2014, 16:30 for 17:00, Seminar Room, Chemical Engineering Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town (click here for map).

Durban: 5th Feb 2014, 15:00 for 15:30, Assagay Hotel (click here for map and directions).

Pretoria: 6th Feb 2014, 17:00 for 17:30, Lecture Hall 6, Engineering 3, University of Pretoria (click here for map and directions).



The Appalachian Piedmont is an important geologic setting along the eastern USA which is comprised of silty to sandy residual soils to weathered saprolitic gneiss, schist, and granites.  While SPT and PMT have long played a role in site characterization, more recent introductions of DMT, CPTu, and Vs show important contributions in assessing the ground for building and bridge foundations.  Case studies involving shallow and deep foundation systems are presented to illustrate the applications of in-situ testing.


Short CV:

Professor Paul W. Mayne is an international researcher with a focus on in-situ testing, geotechnical site characterization, foundation systems, and the evaluation of soil & rock properties. Particular interests include the use, conduct and interpretation of the cone penetrometer, seismic piezocone, and flat dilatometer, evaluation of shallow and deep foundation systems, and ground modification techniques.  After receiving a doctorate from Cornell University, he joined the civil engineering faculty at Georgia Tech in 1990.

Paul is currently the chair (2001-2013) of the ISSMGE Technical Committee TC 102/16: Ground Property Characterization by In-Situ Tests. He has edited and co-edited various conference proceedings and manuals and has presented numerous international lectures, including the 2006 James K. Mitchell Lecture, and the 2009 Michael W. O'Neill th Lecture, 2009 State-of-the-Art on Geomaterial Testing & Behavior at the 17 International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering held in Alexandria, Egypt.

Paul Mayne is an active member of ASCE, ASTM, TRB, USUCGER, DFI, ADSC, CGS, and has been involved in various international projects and is also the current ISSMGE Vice President for North America.


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