Code of Practice

There are a number of standard codes of Practise used by Geotechnical Engineers in carrying out their works in a responsible and ethical manners.

Over the years SAICE Geotechnical Division have been involved in the production of SANS codes and specific SAICE codes, in conjunction with the South African Institution of Engineering Geologists (SAIEG) which are deemed to constitute a basic body of work which provide minimum requirements for Geotechnical Practitioners working in South Africa. These include;

SAICE Geotechnical Division

  • The Geotechnical Division of SAICE – “Site Investigation Code of Practise”
  • SAICE, SAIEG and AEG – “Guidelines for Soil and Rock Logging in South Africa”
  • The Geotechnical Division of SAICE – “The Safety Of Persons Working In Small Diameter Shafts And Test Pits For Geotechnical Engineering Purposes”
  • Brink, A.B.A and Bruin R.M.H. (1990) “Guidelines for soil and rock logging in South Africa. 2nd Impression 2002”. SAICE, SAIEG and AEGSA: South Africa.
  • The Geotechnical Division Of SAICE – “Lateral Support Of Surface Excavations”

Government Institutions

  • ECSA – Code of Conduct For Registered Person : Engineering Profession Act, 2008
  • ECSA – Code Of Practice For Geotechnical Engineering
  • SANRAL – “Standard Specifications For Subsurface Investigations” 2010
  • NHBRC Building Design Codes

South African National Standards

  • SANS 633 – “Soil profiling and rotary percussion borehole logging on dolomite land in Southern Africa for engineering purposes”
  • SANS 634  – “Geotechnical Investigations For Township Development.”
  • SABS 1200F – Piling
  • SANS 10400-G: Excavations
  • SANS 1936-1 (2012) Development of dolomite land – Part 1: General principles and requirements.
  • SANS 1936-2 (2012) Development of dolomite land – Part 2: Geotechnical investigations and determinations.
  • SANS 1936-3 (2012) Development of dolomite land – Part 3: Design and construction of buildings, structures and infrastructure.
  • SANS 1936-4 (2012) Development of dolomite land – Part 4: Risk management.

ISSMGE Technical Committees

In conjunction with International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) members of the SAICE geotechnical Division are working on a number of new TECHNICAL Committees listed below;

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