Standard Course on Computational Geotechnics South Africa
Presented by:
Dennis Waterman
(Plaxis bv, The Netherlands

16 – 18 July 2018

Bytes Conference Centre
341 Third Road
Halfway Gardens
We are in the process of applying for ECSA & SACNASP CPD points.


The course will consist of a balanced mixture of lectures and hands-on computer analyses. The lectures focus mainly on soil behaviour and advanced methods in geotechnical engineering and less on the use of the PLAXIS software. Subjects as undrained behaviour and consolidation, previously treated only in advanced courses, have been included in this course. They are illustrated by practical case studies of embankments and deep excavations. This way the course offers an introduction to the modelling of geotechnical problems that are encountered in day-to-day engineering practice. The computer exercises are performed with the PLAXIS 2D code. The course is aimed at consulting and contracting companies, public work bodies and universities.


The main subject of the course is the use of finite element method (FEM) for stress and deformation analyses and stability assessment. The following topics are dealt with:
• the schematisation of complex soil conditions
• obtaining the basic input data for both simple and advanced soil models
• modelling realistic projects with various construction stages and interpreting the computational results.
Special attention is paid to undrained soil behaviour and consolidation, as well as the determination of safety factors using FEM.


Geotechnical Members R9,200-00 (Including VAT)
Non-Members R9,775-00 (Including VAT)
Kindly note that SAICE Geotechnical Division’s invoices will now be produced by SAICE Head Office and VAT will now be applicable to all SAICE Geotech Division courses/workshops.
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